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Since its founding in 1888 on the French shores of the Lake Léman (Lake Geneva) the FICHARD Company has never ceased to expand, thus becoming over the years the leading purveyors of wines from the Haute-Savoie.

Their remarkable vineyard known as «Paradise», in the heart of the Crépy wine-growing district, constitutes one of the crowning achievements of this Savoyard Company.

In the first instance, FICHARD's success is certainly due to the high quality of their production, but it is also the result of a dynamism which has always sought to maintain the balance between tradition and the demands of constant modernisation.


hist 1888 The company FICHARD was founded in Chens-sur-Léman in the department of Haute-Savoie, France, in 1988 by François FICHARD.
Its principal activities then were the purchase and distribution of wine, mainly to Geneva which during this period provided an excellent market for the wines produced in the Bas-Chablais.



hist 1921 In 1921 Jules FICHARD took over from his father and together with his son Auguste, who started working in the company in 1923, they developed a network of clients on the southern banks of the Lac Léman, extending from Geneva to Saint Gingolph.


hist 1938  In 1938, Auguste FICHARD, François FICHARD's grandson, took over the company during a very difficult period, since a year later, he was called to service in the Second World war, which thus brought a halt to the company's development.


hist 1945 

After 1945, the company experienced a second growth phase, with the vision of August FICHARD, who proved to be a very enterprising director. So far specialized in the sale of wine in casks (which was the tradition of the Savoie) the company started to extend its products to the sale of table wine in liter bottles. Rapidly, FICHARD became one of the most important wine distribution companies in the department, under the name of Caves de Chablais.

In 1947, they opened a subsidiary in Morzine, situated in the Alps of Haute-Savoie.


hist 1948  The label Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée (Appellation of Controlled Origin or A.O.C.) "Crépy" was recognized by a Ministerial order on 28th April, 1948.


hist 1959  From 1959 to 1975 the company continued its expansion with spectacular success. During this period Auguste FICHARD established a viticultural domain of 10 hectares in the communes of Loisin, Ballaison and Douvaine, under the "Crépy" label.
The company joined the group "CARROUSEL", developed a modernized system of vats, and installed a bottling unit for handling large volumes.



hist 1975 

In 1975 a member of the 4th generation of the family, Bernard FICHARD, took over the direction of the company. He developed the commercial side of the company to successfully cope with the growing competition, and enlarged the company by opening a warehouse in Cluses, and another in Sallanches.

The company was now one of the largest in the region, and began exporting outside France.


hist 1988  FICHARD Caves du Chablais celebrated 100 years of existence.


hist 1991 

In 1991 FICHARD was divided into three companies.

S.A. FICHARD specializes in the production and distribution of Crépy wine. Since 2002, the director of this company is Bernard FICHARD's nephew, Gilles BILLARD.
EURL Caves du Chablais is a bottling company, and is managed by Gilles BILLARD, under the direction of Bernard FICHARD.
S.A.R.L. FICHARD Vins de Savoie is the distribution company of wine, as well as other beverages, and was sold to France Boisson in 1997.


hist 2000 The Crépy Sélection Vieilles Vignes vintage was launched to celebrate the Millennium.
Gilles BILLARD, Bernard FICHARD's nephew became the 5th generation of the FICHARD family to hold the reins of the company.


crepy-fine-goutte-histoire  To celebrate 125 years of winemaking, our bottles received new labels and a special vintage has been dedicated to August Fichard, the founder of the vineyard.


S.A.S. FICHARD in partnership with Dominique Lucas (Vignes de Paradis) and David Humbert create S.A.R.L. Vins du Léman. With the creation of this new company , part of the vineyards of S.A.S. FICHARD is grown in " reasoned practice " of the vineyards with classic vinification and the other in biodynamics. This evolution within the S.A.S. FICHARD must maintain the quality, visibility and sustainability of the vineyard.

Today the structure of the company allows FICHARD to undertake the role of regional producer fully equipped to handle the requirements of a wide clientele, in collaboration with its partners S.A.R.L. FICHARD Vins de Savoie and France Boissons (Heineken group).